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Unique CGC Showers Survey & Installation System | CGC Showers



The Unique CGC Showers Survey & Installation System

With over 30 years of experience we have developed what we believe is the very best system for measuring and installing Shower Glass - to achieve a perfect fit - both technically and visually.

To the best of our knowledge, we are the only Shower Company following this methodology.


Unique Survey System

Purpose Built Shower Cubicle, ready for Measuring, CGC Showers

Following the Design and Quotation, if you choose to place your order with us, we will agree a survey date with you - and come on time.

Almost without exception, even with newly built Shower Cubicles like the one pictured, the opening is neither square nor plumb.

Where we fit to existing structures and bath edges, that problem becomes even more exaggerated.

For that reason, we have developed our Unique Survey System.




Shower Cubicle with Glass Support Channel fitted and Laser Measuring in progress CGC Showers

Firstly, we fix the Glass Support Channels (assuming that the shower is not Frameless or just using Clamps) to the walls, shower tray (or base-line/s if no tray) and to the ceiling if the installation is for a Steam Room

Then, and only then, to ensure a perfect fit, we carry out the rest of the survey

Apart from the traditional tape measure, we always use a laser measure too.

If we find anything that appears to be straight and plumb we double check it, because it’s extremely rare, especially in London!



Templates & Manufacturing

Attic Eaves Shower, being Laser Measured, CGC Showers

As can be seen in the Attic Eaves Shower being Laser Measured, we are used to dealing with curves and angles as well as out of square corners and out of plumb walls.

Our Surveyors make MDF templates of all the out of square & shaped glass. That may sound a little strange, but all of our staff are primarily qualified carpenters and joiners who have then been trained in glass handling and glazing.

The reason for MDF rather than, for instance, cardboard templates? Modern automated glass cutting is a very wet process and so the templates need to be durable enough to withstand it.

After the survey, all measurements, MDF templates and glass specifications (clear, tinted, sandblasted, etc) are sent to the factory for cutting, polishing and toughening.

Everything is then Custom Made to Measure - for your specific Shower Installation.


About a week after the survey everything will be ready and we will be with you to carry out the installation. Once again, we will have pre-booked a date with you and we will arrive on time.



Fixed & Sliding Panels

Installing Fixed Glass Panel into the Channel using Stixall combined building adhesive and sealant CGC Showers

Now we will securely install all Fixed Glass Panels into the Channels using Stixall combined building adhesive and sealant and any Sliding Glass Panels (doors) will be mounted.

Any required Seals will be fitted and any Silicone Seals applied.

If there are no Hinged or Folding Doors or Screens that’s it, the job is (nearly!) finished.

Stixall is a solvent free, chemically curing adhesive and sealant.

This means that in the curing process, assuming a temperature of 23°C and a relative humidity of 50%, a “surface skin” will form in between 20 and 40 minutes.

However, curing will take up to 24 hours.

The shower must therefore be left for 24 hours before commencing use in order to ensure that the adhesive sealant is fully cured.



Hinged & Folding Doors & Screens

Hinged Door hung on a Side Panel, fitting takes two days to allow curing, CGC Showers

These are often going to be hung onto Glass Panels that have been fixed to the wall using masonry screws plus Stixall combined adhesive and sealant.

Those Glass Panels have now become load bearing - they will in future bear the weight and swing stress of the Shower Door or Folding Shower Screen.

It is therefore essential that before they are hung, the Adhesive Sealant is fully cured - otherwise a trouble free, leak free installation cannot be guaranteed.

For this reason, (and the fact that we guarantee our installations for 10 years) - we return the next day to hang & adjust Hinged and Folding Doors and Screens.



All Installations

Hinged Shower Door Enclosure, Cut Out Side Panel, Bath End Return and Door Mirror, CGC Showers

Upon completion of the Shower Glass Installation, we then remove our rubbish, tidy and clean up the work area, polish the glass and fittings and, finally, apply the Shield Glass surface sealer.

The above, unique to CGC Showers Survey and Installation System, ensures that you get a perfectly fitted, superb looking Shower Installation!

Please see our Products Page for a listing of all the Shower Types we produce, or below for further details of our Services:

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