Noise reduction, with our effective soundproofing

Do you suffer from severe noise problems?

Would you like to reduce noise and lower fuel bills NOW?

soundproofing Soundproofing windows is a requirement in most modern homes to achieve effective noise reduction. Due to noise pollution from many different sources including road traffic and aircraft noise.

The soundproofing system we supply and fit will help remove these issues from you everyday lives. More than 90% of exterior noise comes through your windows and doors. Very rarely does it come through walls!. With the cricklewood glass secondary window system noise can be greatly reduced.

Keep your existing Windows

A Soundproof Window is a second window placed behind your existing window that opens and closes just like your current one - there is no need to remove or replace your window to eliminate noise problems!

Don't suffer noise pollution!

Secondary double glazing is specifically designed to provide you with noise reduction and heat loss.
Many properties that are close by busy roads and other high noise areas can benefit enormously by installing our secondary glazing units.
Fitting is a fast and simple. On average we can supply and fit new units for you in three weeks from start to finish..

Lower fuel bills by reducing heat loss

We are asked frequently if fitting secondary glazing will stop drafts and reduce heat loss. Our answer is yes. You will find that once we have fitted your new units you will see a marked reduction in both these areas. We have also find that this can help lower your fuel bills.

If you have an older property you might have planning restrictions applied to any improvements you would like to make. Drafts and heat loss are often a particular problem in these buildings. Cricklewood glass are specialists in fitting secondary double glazing into properties where planning restrictions apply. For example, conservation areas where the removal of the original windows is prohibited.

Window of Listed buildingWe can soundproof all styles of windows and doors

All our soundproof units can be styled to suit your window. It can can a standard casement window or a vertical sliding sash window. All the mullion and transoms will line up with your existing not to interfere with your vision. The same applies to doors we can either fit a hinge system or fixed. If any timber sub frames are required our expert carpenters will fit first to your existing doors or windows with no fuss or mess.

If you are looking for cost effective solution to noise reduction and heat loss our require more information on soundproofing, contact us we would be pleased to offer you any help and advice we can.

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