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If you are new to looking at shower products or perhaps not quite sure what you need, then the following explanation of terminology and details of all our shower products should be of assistance:

Shower & Bathroom Screens

Straight Shower Screen with Hinged Shower Door plus Bespoke Mirror Installation, CGC Showers

Normally indicates that the Shower Screen or Bathroom Screen is in a simple straight line without any end (or “return”) panels - or any other shower panels angled off of it.

Screens normally incorporate a shower door or doors – unless the span is long enough that there is no danger of water splashing outside of the screened area.



Shower Enclosures

Made to Measure Corner Shower Enclosure, CGC Showers

By comparison Shower Enclosures, as you would expect, enclose the shower space. These come in a wide variety of designs to suit the available space and layout of the shower area.

Simple two-sided Corner Shower Enclosures, three sided Corner Entry Shower Enclosures, L Shaped Shower Enclosures and a multitude of other designs to suit every space and requirement.


Shower Doors & Side Panels

Hinged Shower Door Screen with Side Panel and Cut-Out Side Panel, CGC Showers

These come in a wide variety of types to suit different situations.

Hinged Shower Doors are perhaps the most popular and practical, where space is not an issue - and they can easily be coupled to Side Panels to fit the available opening width.

Sliding Shower Doors and Folding Shower Doors are also excellent choices for non-standard opening widths - especially where the depth of the shower enclosure makes a hinged shower door impractical.

When people talk to us about just Shower Doors, this is usually a bit of a misnomer as in most cases they are in fact referring to a Shower Door plus one or more Shower Side Panels.

The exception is where the door is fitted into the entrance of a purpose built Shower Cubicle designed to take a standard width door.


Bath Screens

Two Panel over Bath Edge Folding Bath Screen, CGC Showers

Generally, refer to Shower Screens that are seated onto the edge of the bath.

Pictured here is a Side Panel clamp fixed to the wall - combined with a further hinged panel that can be swung either way - to provide effective splash protection when showering - or folded back when taking a bath.

Bath Screens are available to run the whole or part length of the bath - or as just a single Splash Back Panel.

Single panels and End Panels of part length Bath Screens can be rectangular, radiused, curved, angled - or almost any combination of these to your preference.

Design options include Fixed panels, Corner Bath screens, Sliding, Hinged, Folding and Bi-Folding Bath Screens.


Frameless Shower Surrounds, Screens & Doors

Frameless Sliding Shower Door Screen with Matching Shower Side Panel, CGC Showers

Refer to Shower Glass installations that do not appear to have side or bottom “frames,” or, more correctly, Glass Support Channels.

This is in fact an illusion created by setting the Support Channels on the inside of the shower area behind rebated brickwork - or into specially cut grooves in the brickwork.

Please note that if you wish to create this “Frameless” effect it is essential that it is planned in at the Design Stage of the Building Works!


Walk In Shower Cubicles, Shower Stalls & Shower Rooms

Free Standing Shower Cubicle with Glass Reinforcement Bars, CGC Showers

“Walk In” indicates that the shower area does not have a door.

Shower Cubicles tend to describe compact, smaller, fully enclosed shower areas. A Shower Stall is the North American term for what we call a Shower Cubicle but it is now being used more frequently in the UK.

Shower Rooms are purpose designed and built areas that include either a Shower Enclosure or a Shower Screen.



Glass Shower Panels & Doors - Bespoke & Made to Measure

Bespoke, Made to Measure, combined Shower Enclosure and Bath Screen, CGC Showers

All of our products are bespoke, custom made to measure.

We can work with you at any stage, from helping with the initial design, through preparatory works, fabrication and installation.

We are also accustomed to working with your Architect, Interior Designer and Builder, as necessary, throughout larger projects.

Whether you need to enclose an awkward existing space - or are looking to create something unique and special for your bathing area - we can help you.

All of our products are Made to Measure and instead of seeing problems, we see opportunities!

Cutting around corners, into window reveals, following curved eaves or cutting around exposed beams or joists are all within our remit.

So if you are not quite sure what to do, whether it can be done, or what is going to be the best and most attractive way to do the job, don’t hesitate to give us a call – we would be pleased to come and have a look and give you our best advice.



Lofts, Attics & Small Shower Rooms

Small Hinged Shower Door and Side Panel Screen in Attic Eaves, CGC Showers

We have been fitting Shower Screens and Enclosures throughout London and the Home Counties since 1986.

This type of limited space design and installation is now “second nature” to us!

We can create attractive, practical shower areas, in virtually any loft, attic, small room, unused corner or space.

If you send us a plan or picture of the area, then we would be pleased to design something for you.

Or, if you prefer, we can visit you, discuss your requirements and then agree the design.

Working as we do in many older properties in and around London we have to be quite creative and ingenious at times.

We have managed to create and fit shower areas into - chimney breast alcoves, former pantries and larders, the corners and eaves of lofts and attics, into bedrooms and even into the “dead ends” of corridors!

Quite simply, if it can be done - we can do it.



Wet Room Shower Screens, Enclosures, Doors & Splashbacks

Wet Room Shower Splash Panel, CGC Showers

Over the past 20 years Wet Rooms have become a feature of new-builds, renovations and conversions. They do not usually have Shower Glass, relying instead upon the floor having a gradient/slope to the drain hole and professionally sealed walls.

Over recent years there has been a trend of failed wall seals and many people becoming dissatisfied with the large, wet floor area.

So now we both retrofit Shower Enclosures and Screens to existing Wet rooms and also incorporate them into new-builds and conversions.



Steam Rooms

Full Height Steam Room Shower Enclosure, CGC Showers

In recent years Steam Rooms have become increasingly popular.

We regularly install full to ceiling height Shower Screens, Enclosures and Doors - with special gaskets to prevent steam escaping.

Steam Rooms are excellent for de-stressing and relaxation as well as deep cleansing and hydrating the skin.

They also have proven benefits for both respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Add to that the benefits of a better night’s sleep and we think that you will find it one of the best and most rewarding investments you will ever make!

The fitting of this type of project typically involves your Interior Designer, Architect and/or Builder - we are fully experienced and comfortable working with and alongside these professionals to ensure that you get a perfect finished installation.

Thank you for visiting Cricklewood Glass & CGC Showers! – please Contact Us if we can be of any further help.