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CGC Shower Installations - Product Specifications for Glass, Fittings, Fixings & Seals


General Specifications

Close Up Hinged Shower Door Wall Clamped Side Panel and Reinforcement Bar, CGC Showers

All of our Shower Screens, Enclosures, Doors and Panels are manufactured using only the very best quality Glass, Fittings, Fixings and Seals.

Every glass panel or door is custom made to shape and size from the measurements taken and templates produced on our survey visit - or from the details supplied by yourself, your builder or architect.

Our standard specifications are as follows and they are your Guarantee of a Shower Installation that will be Fit for the Purpose, Strong and Durable, Easy to Clean and Visually Stunning.



Ten Millimetre Pilkington Toughened Polished Float Glass Shower Enclosure with Invisible Shield Surface Sealer, CGC Showers

Glass 1

10mm (millimeter) Pilkington Clear Toughened Float Glass with Polished Edges - for guaranteed optical clarity, strength, rigidity and safety - for very large sizes, the Glass Thickness will be increased

Glass 2

We can also fit Acid Etched, Sandblasted and other Decorative Glass

Glass 3

All Glass is treated with Invisible Shield Glass Surface Sealer, a transparent polymer coating - which repels water and guards against staining, dirt build up, grime, mould, mildew and limescale (hard water) mineral deposits - for easier cleaning and a brilliant shine.

Shower Furniture

Bohle Chrome Finished Brass Reinforcement Bar Detail, CGC Showers


Doorknobs, Handles, Hinges, and (where necessary) Corner Clamps and Reinforcement Bars - Bohle German manufactured Chrome Finished Brass - for a strong, stunning, durable and easy to clean finish


Bohle Polished Stainless Steel finished aluminium “U” Channels with radius corners - for optimum glass support, easy cleaning and discreet, elegant visuals

Setting Blocks

Where Channels are used all Glass is seated onto (horizontal) or against (vertical) Transparent PVC Setting Blocks for rigidity and resistance to vibration and minor impacts - specially manufactured with a light refractive index almost identical to the glass to avoid “edge shadowing” and visual distortions in the glass




ABC Spax Hi Force Stainless Steel Screw Maximum Sheer and Compressive Strength Non Corrosive, CGC Showers

Fixings 1

For securing Channels to Walls, Floors and Ceilings (for Steam Rooms) - Concealed Fixings with Stainless Steel Screws into masonry and ceramics - for both maximum sheer and compressive strength and to ensure long life with no corrosion

Stixall Extreme Power Crystal Clear Copyright Everbuild the very best building adhesive and sealant CGC Showers

Fixings 2

For securing All Channels including to Walls, Floors, Ceilings and Shower Trays - Stixall Extreme Power Crystal Clear - manufactured by Everbuild using hybrid polymer technology

Acknowledged as the very best combined building adhesive and sealant, bonds and seals Channels to Shower Trays with no drilling

Wall and Ceiling Channels (for Steam Rooms) are bedded on Stixall before screw fixing

Guaranteed to be Totally Waterproof

Fixings 3

All glass is permanently secured into the Channels, once again using Stixall Extreme Power as detailed above


Bohle Ten mm Lateral Sealing Strip with Sealing Lip for Shower Door to Wall, CGC Showers

Seals 1

A variety of discreet, durable, clear Plastic Sealing Strips (with Water Deflectors where appropriate) - to suit every application and combination of Shower Doors and Panels - for perfect sealing

For the complete range of sealing strips – please see pages 17 to 21 of the Bohle Shower Fittings Catalogue:

index Download Bohle Shower Fittings Catalogue PDF here

Seals 2

For the vertical meeting edges of In Line, or Side by Side, Fixed Glass Shower Panels

Generally this is only necessary for very large spans where Limited Internal Access prevents us from manufacturing the panel in one piece

In these situations, we neatly seal the polished edges using a very discreet Silicone Seal


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