Secondary Glazing

Keep your Existing Windows – Reduce Noise, Cut Heat Loss by Half, Plus Save Money! – is it time to Install Secondary Glazing?

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Secondary Glazing is a special type of glazing construction. Heat and sound insulation are the main use for Secondary windows, and the installation can cut heat loss through windows by half.

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This construction consists of an additional pane of glass placed on the inside of an existing single-glazed window It is an ideal solution if your existing windows don't need to be replaced or where there are planning restrictions for example in all conservation areas on replacement windows.


The Benefits of secondary glazing

Cut heat loss through windows by half.
No need to replace existing windows.
Sound insulation.
Increased window security.
Fade protection for interior furnishings.

Secondary glazing is the ideal solution for listed and period buildings If window replacement is not an option for you. It will provide insulation, security and protection from noise pollution.

It is unobtrusive giving added comfort without disturbing the view.

The heat and sound reduction provided by secondary glazing is far better than standard single-glazed windows and many of houses we work on are close to busy roads and other high noise areas.

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Insulating windows

Many homeowners have come to accept their windows, especially larger windows, to be cooler than the rest of the room, but this does not have to be the case and even in older properties this can be markedly reduced with proper home insulation.

Properly sealed windows can help insulate your home and will reduce your energy bills.

Home insulation

Add to this the high prices for natural gas, electricity, and home heating fuel we are now paying for inefficient home insulation.

The installing or secondary windows or double glazing will play key role in reducing your heating costs.

Figures published state that up to 50% of energy consumption in your average household will go on heating and cooling the property.

Our Secondary double glazing service

We supply our range of Secondary double glazing fully assembled and is available in bespoke aluminium frames with a painted hardwood subframe. We taylor the units to match your existing frames, woodwork, stonework or interior decor.

Our Secondary double glazing units can be manufactured to operate vertically or horizontally.

Many types of properties are suitable to be fitted with our Secondary double glazing.

This includes:

Listed buildings

Listed buildings grade one and two. We are experienced in working in conservation areas and regularly work closely with many Local Authority Conservation departments. Secondary Double Glazing is suitable for all Conservation Areas and (subject to listing detail) Listed Buildings.

Listed building

Insulating and sound proofing sash windows.

Sash windows have been in existence for well over three hundred years. The oldest serving sample is at Ham House.
The sash window is often found in Georgian,Victorian and Edwardian houses. To facilitate operation the weight of the sashes is usually balanced by a heavy steel,lead or cast iron sash weight concealed within the window frame.

The weight is connected to the sash by a cord or sometimes a spring balance.The construction is mainly of softwood and generally single glazed.As a result of this design the traditional problems that occur is rot,swelling and distortion of the sashes.

The sashes rattle in the wind and are very draughty. They have little or no insulation and are do very little to keep the noise out.They are generally high maintenance but in return give a property character and style to a property. Most people that think the alternative is to change them for double glazed windows in upvc regret doing so and indeed there is no reason to.

We offer a standard finished white aluminium counter balanced vertical slider which is fitted inside over the existing sash window.
It can be glazed for insulation and prevention of heat loss with 4mm clear toughened glass. If noise is a issue we would use 6.4mm clear acoustic "stadip" silence glass. As part of our service we always remove and refit curtains or blinds at no extra cost.
They blend in so well that from outside the property the secondary units can hardly be seen which is very important if living in a conservation area or if the building is listed.

Normal lead time is 3 weeks and our product is guaranteed for 10 years.

Domestic properties:

Standard properties:


Schools, Colleges and Universities.

Commercial properties:

Hotels, Offices, Public buildings, Shops.

Our range

Our range of styles for Secondary double glazing units are very comprehensive and we can cover many applications. These include Lift Outs, Vertical Sliders, Hinged Units and Horizontal Sliders, Balanced Vertical Sliders and Tilt-in Balanced Vertical Sliders.

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